Adi Parashakti II


ARTIST: Rahaman Chitrakar
MEDIUM: Chart Paper, natural vegetable colors made by the artist. Old recycled fabric is trimmed as per the dimension of the chart.
The paintings are pest controlled. Advise no water spillage as that could fade the natural colors.

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Pattachitra is a traditional, cloth-based scroll painting from West Bengal and Odisha.
It is a work of intricate art and a single painting can sometimes take months to
complete. The artists make use of hundred percent natural materials and even the
colours are handmade using ancient manufacturing techniques. Mythological scenes
dominate the art works and the artisans give expression to vivid acts from the
Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Puranas, and the Panchatantra. The paintings
have a distinct look and feel with floral border and single toned colour