• Elaura Foundation started with the simple yet complex idea of using art to bring about a change in the world. Art is a powerful weapon with which one can not only express ones’ self but also use art to better the world. Elaura Foundation strives to educate and sensitize people through art. We wish to uplift, empower and educate aspiring artists and provide them with the right opportunities that will enable them to become self-sufficient. Elaura Foundation uses art and various art forms to help the underprivileged and the subalterns. Elaura foundation is a not for profit organisation committed to promotion and development of heritage, art and culture. Funding dedicated to such activities not only helps in maintaining our heritage on the whole but also improves the lifestyle and livelihood of the people associated with it.

  • Anjali Vatkar


  • Educating People about Art: Art and Culture impact the human psyche and behaviour and trigger deep emotions like empathy, reflection, dialogue, and imagination. In today’s time, art has taken a backseat to other pressing needs, and does not hold its merited place in the list of necessities. With a drop in economy, fear of the ongoing pandemic, purchasing art has become the last priority. That is affecting the basic required living standards of artists diminishing their enthusiasm towards art and creative works. Elaura Foundation encourages professionals to include art as a very essential while designing a project. We offer & commission diverse forms of artworks mainly for architects and interior designers as per their specifications like size, colour palette, materials, site of installation, theme, and most importantly budget. Elaura listens to and educates the viewer who is the most important part of the process.

  • Opportunities for Professional Artists Elaura Foundation’s goal is to provide struggling artists and their families with better lives through financial security. We work in collaboration with Elaura Art Gallery, which has 75+ qualified artists and traditional/ folk artisans on our panel to display their talents before the world. We give them an opportunity to work on commission artworks required in different projects. Collaborations with different sectors like Architecture & Interior design, Luxury Hotels helps us to get good projects.

  • Promotion and development of traditional arts and handicrafts: We see the determination in our artisans who had no opportunities to take formal training in art. Most of the revenue in the art industry is generated through these folk, tribal and traditional artists. Elaura Foundation studies, record and promote their techniques, and understand the importance of various elements and colors used in the compositions. We encourage them to preserve & protect their art forms by giving them opportunities. Elaura Foundation provides opportunities to underprivileged Indian folk artists to promote and sell their artwork for sustainable living. Elaura online platform is offered free of cost to them to display and sell their artworks. We encourage companies to purchase these artworks for gifting purposes from their CSR activities.

  • Art Workshops: Elaura Foundation organizes art workshop series to offer for kids, including at-risk children and children from underprivileged backgrounds, and help them to build art profiles from an early age. We aim at providing a sense of direction and purpose to the young boys and girls from tribal, rural, and urban clusters through imparting life and work skills.

  • Art Event: Elaura Foundation contributes towards our society by organising Art events for children from underprivileged backgrounds. Elaura Foundation hopes to use such Art events to spread awareness about art among such children to soften their lives and help them to acquire the skills to potentially make a career in Art. We aim to ignite creative powers in these children to face the terrible odds in their lives.

  • Slum Kids Welfare Activities: Elaura Foundation works to identify children from underprivileged backgrounds who have been unable to pass the SSC exam due to certain difficulties. We counsel them and help them to clear it with better subject options for them according to their learning levels rather than their age. This helps them to earn basic certificate to stand with dignity in their life. By understanding their capabilities & aptitude towards academics, sports, theatre, arts, drama, music, or other vocational skills, currier counselling is done. For Kids having artistic aptitude, Elaura Foundation works on certain concepts on art that could be easily learnt by them along with their main academics. Thus honing the skill sets of the kids to help them to look at art as a lucrative career option.

  • Setting up of public libraries: Elaura Foundation will assist with setting up public libraries, especially for children from underprivileged backgrounds to enable them to better learn and achieve skills that will help them in life. We aim to offer these kids an environment of joyful learning, interaction with likeminded people, having access to knowledge and information, which is major missing part of their life.

  • Setting up of public libraries: Elaura Foundation organizes and encourage companies to purchase artworks from artists who are suffering with any kind of physical or mental disabilities as their CSR activities, such as purchasing art works for gifting purposes. Elaura Foundation provides various art supplies to such artists and fully assists them with creating such artworks that can be commercially traded for the benefit of the artist.

  • Anjali Vhatkar

    Anjali Vhatkar, the founder and CEO of Elaura Art Gallery is a qualified architect from Sir J.J. College of Architecture and a practising art curator in Mumbai. She specialises in Abstracts, Mix Media Sustainable Art from Scraps and few Indian Traditional art forms. Elaura Art Gallery is an Indian venture with a global outreach that adds class, quality, style and luxury to in spaces. Elaura Art Gallery has 75+ qualified artists and traditional/ folk artisans on our panel to display their talents before the world. The gallery is committed to creating opportunities for underprivileged Indian folk artists to promote and sell their artwork for sustainable living. The Art Gallery is inspired from the ancient Indian artists who worked continuously for 700 years to make the majestic Ajanta and Ellora caves. The caves are not just a unique work of artistic marvel and a technological exploit far superior to the age, but with their sanctuaries devoted to Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism, it illustrates the spirit of tolerance that was characteristic of ancient India.

  • Catherine Julia Barrow

    Catherine Barrow fell in love with classical music at the age of 6 and from that point on there was no turning back. At the age of 15 she performed with a youth orchestra in Carnegie Hall while she was still studying with the principal second violin of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and from there moved to NYC to study with the world famous Dorothy Delay. She moved to Mexico after college and fell in love with the people as well as the country. She has spent the last 10 years as a travel agent for musicians all over the world (taking Mexican orchestras to the US as well as to Egypt and to China) and has spent the last 5 years working on ways to thank Mexico and Mexicans for all the wonderful things the Mexican people have done for her over the years. She has worked with fundraising projects to help underprivileged children find a way to earn a living in a world that could be filled with music. info@arsmusik.com Calle Andres Quintana Roo 522 - 5 Toluca, Estado de México Colonia San Miguel Apinahuizco México 50040

  • Barbara Cupiti, Italy

    Languages Expert Barbara Cupiti is from Italy, started learning languages and traveled to meet people around the world when she was about 6. She jumped teaching school subjects to younger students at the early age of 10, and since then she has never stopped learning and teaching. Today she is well known translator, an interpreter and teacher of Italian, English and French. She works together with native speakers and language coaches and consultants and help them for better communication. She really likes and enjoys working in a network, helping each-other and growing together for a better life and new experiences. She’s been a volunteer coach helping Italian and migrant children (whose family cannot afford their education), migrant women (for their empowerment) but also men (who suffered work diseases)

  • Akanksha Singh

    Akanksha Singh is an intellectual property rights lawyer who works with artists, creators, art galleries, to navigate the Indian legal system and help them protect and assert their rights over their art and creations.

  • Merilea Baby Primavera

    President/ General Manager PAK-PRIME Logistics International Inc. Blk 16, Lot 26, Judges Cor. Genesis St. BF Martinville, Brgy. Manuyo Dos, Las Pinas City pak.prime.com mgmt.gen@pak.prime.com

  • Satish Tambat

    Mentor, Gurukul Olympiad School Aurangabad