• Elaura Art Gallery presents


    A series of art workshops for kids from all over the world.

    This Sunday, we invite you to explore simple but unique and fun ways to do calligraphy with tools you use daily, by our international calligraphy artist Ashok Giri!

  • Anjali Vhatkar, C.E.O. Elaura Art Gallery

    Elaura Art Gallery, Palette of Expressions celebrates diverse creative talents from all over the world and shares beautiful stories through the medium of art... “How to help a child to explore various visual arts and record their artworks in a systematic way from an early age? Elaura is coming up with an innovative solution to this, to teach our little masters step by step through our Art for Humanity series!” Art for Humanity is a non-profit initiative, a series of art workshops by Art Experts from all over the world for kids age 7-18 across the globe. Funds will be shared for a social cause related to uplifting children.

Objectives of this Art Workshop Series

  • To help children record their work in a systematic way on a well-organized platform.

  • Showcasing the best artworks on www.elauraartgallery.com - a brilliant opportunity to start building a profile as an artist from an early age.

  • Opportunity to be a part of an International Kids Art Community. Here they can post their work, post queries, and exchange ideas.

  • Being a part of a group for 7 days, get all your queries answered by a teacher.

  • Explore a new performing art form, every week through 10 minutes presentations by reputed performing artists.

  • This is a not-for-profit initiative. The proceeds from this project will be donated to a cause for the upliftment of children.

  • Ashok Hinge

    Ashok Hinge has done his Art Teacher Diploma and Bachelor of Fine Art. He has 20 years’ experience in the field of visual art and received 9 Awards. He has done 6 Solo shows, 36 Group shows, conducted many workshops, participated in many events and given demonstrations. He has appeared in leading newspaper, magazines (Better Interiors, Elle Decoration, Society Interiors, The Hindu, DNA, Mid-Day, and many more).