“Arvedo Arvedi”
#FuckYouCovid is a trittico that I did for charity. All the money is going to a foundation in Italy against covid. The base price of the trittico painting is 5,000Euro. The painting is 3 x 1.5m, plus expedition cost.


Anjali Vhatkar, the founder and CEO of Elaura Art Gallery, is a qualified architect and a practicing art curator. She has a deep love for traditional Indian artworks and specializes in Tanjore, Pichwai and Gond tribal paintings. Her work is devoted to discovering the numerous hidden talents and creating opportunities for both qualified and traditional artists to display their talents before the world. Presently, Elaura Art Gallery has 75+ artists on the panel to bring to life diverse styles of artworks. 

 The Art Gallery is inspired from the ancient Indian artists who worked continuously for 700 years to make the majestic Ajanta and Ellora caves. The caves are not just a unique work of artistic marvel and a technological exploit far superior to the age, but with their sanctuaries devoted to Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism, it illustrates the spirit of tolerance that was characteristic of ancient India. 

 Art and culture impact human psyche and behaviour and trigger deep emotions like empathy, reflection, dialogue and imagination. At Elaura Art Gallery, we offer original and certified paintings like Landscapes, Abstract paintings, Portraits, Lithographs, Serigraphs, Collectibles, Murals, Sculptures, Indian Traditional Paintings and Art Installations by professional artists from all over the world. Her focus is on creating opportunities for our artists through collaborations with different sectors like Architecture & Interior design, Luxury Hotels etc.

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